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Making your vision reality

Proficient Designers

We are pleased to work with designers who have years of experience creating beautiful living spaces. From the classical aesthetic to the clean lines of modern design, their expertise will help you with all the important decisions and details.

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Just Your Style

Materials and Finishes

Whether you want the beauty of hardwoods, a custom paint finish or an imported Italian reproduction, we can match your taste with a perfect finish. With nearly half a century in experience, we can make your space as unique as you.

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Design Submission


When the design is ready, a quote estimate can be quickly calculated using our proprietary pricing software. The order then goes through a verification process called pre-production. This is when every square inch of the plan layout is verified for accuracy. After this step is complete, a final bid can be given. After the client signs the approval documents, the plans are delivered to the factory floor and construction begins. Based on demand, the construction time is typically between 4 to 8 weeks.


Machine Precision


Excellent cabinetry is precise cabinetry. Our modern machinery ensures that every customer's dream is fulfilled precisely to their vision. Every cabinet and every laminate door is cut by sophisticated CNC machinery, computer programmed cuts ensure every hole and cut is accurate to the millimeter. This technology allows us to build both a precise product and reduce our environmental impact. Before any cut is performed, a computer algorithm is run to ensure that our material waste is at a minimum.



Refined Details


Many of our customers find one of our striking engineered materials to be the right fit for their project. When this is the case and the pieces have been cut, the cabinetry and door edges are laminated with sophisticated machinery that removes the sharp edges resulting from the CNC process. The results are smooth cabinetry and door edges that are soft to the touch, yet strong and robust.


Heirloom Construction


As styles come and go, a traditional 5-piece door will always have a place in the American kitchen. Our operation specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of door styles, ensuring that we can accommodate any home design. Our line of shaker doors with its square motif appeals to both modern and traditional styles. While our notch & miter and overmold styles fit beautifully in traditional themes, with their elegant shapes and mouldings.

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Personalized Options

Molding ∙ Shelves ∙ Drawers

The quality of our craftsmanship is not limited to your door and drawer fronts. We know that what goes inside your cabinetry is just as important as the outer appearance. From solid edge and framed glass shelving, maple or walnut drawer boxes with dovetail construction or the finishing touch of crown molding, the beauty of your space will only be enhanced by the details.


Artisan Techniques


Even though the styles and trends of the passing years have changed, we still hand apply the many custom finishes selected by our customers. This process not only produces a beautiful final product, but ensures that each piece meets the highest standards. All Davis varnishes are cured for 10 to 11 hours under special conditions. The long curing process ensures that the top surface layer bonds as one cohesive whole, maximizing both strength and beauty.


Coming Together


All our cabinets are built entirely of 3/4 material, including the top and back. This material thickness allows each cabinet to have maximum strength. To further increase this strength, each cabinet enters a cold press machine that applies a force of 45 pounds per square inch. This high force bonds all cabinet components together as one cohesive whole. The result is a cabinet that will last a lifetime.


Delivering Excellence


Whether your dream home is in the city or deep in the mountains, we will deliver directly to it. Before shipment, each cabinet exterior and interior is carefully checked for quality of construction, color, and touch. It is then packaged with a series of protective layers ensuring that your cabinetry is delivered with the greatest of care.


Just the Beginning


Our installers will make sure everything is in the right place and looking its best. The only thing left is for you to step into your new space and begin the life of memories it will contain, knowing that the beauty of your cabinetry will be with you, every step of the way.